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Neque Sole is all about will, determination and grit that you fight alone yet keep going with endurance and fortitude. We are here with you in all the journey you tread under the sun but never fall back. Whatever your skin must go through in extreme conditions, we are here to heal you. Sun has always acted as a deciding factor for choosing what to wear when going out, whether to have a beach party or not, and uncountable such incidents.

Neque Sole says, why bother when you have the best solution at hand.Let yourself breathe and bask in the sun with no worry whatsoever because we make you ready to

shine no matter what the circumstances be. After all, who does not like a 'bright sunny day'. So, go out with full freedom, revel in the sun with no fear because while you are on it, we are at it!

Since we are the protector of your skin, we bring a supergroup of Dermatology, Medicine, Cosmetology and other secret Sciences together in our products. We provide you the armour with which you can fight the sun with all might.The innovative formulations embrace your skin with a pledge of protection.

During our adventures around the world, we were inspired by the spa culture of Varberg, a faraway town which is one of Sweden’s most famed spa destination. So inspired were we that we incorporated its heritage of knowledge into our products. And further with innovative solutions perfectly attuned to the skin’s sun protection needs, we provide an unmatched comfort with a promise to hold the fortress of your skin.