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Our Green Commitment Our Green Commitment Our Green Commitment Our Green Commitment Our Green Commitment

What do we do for the environment?

Environment gives us innumerable things every day and we’re grateful for the green treasure it holds within. We’re elated to have products which thoroughly help in taking care of the environment as well. Everything, every step involved in this takes care of the green shield and green zone of our environment. What we choose does make a difference and this is the reason why we take the pleasure of practicing 100℅ recyclable packaging and this leads to paying high attention on the ecological balance, resulting the green concept of health.

Recyclable packaging

We aim to deliver you the best packaging and shipping boxes. It is made out of recyclable paper and boxes. It can be very easily reused and recycled. The material in packaging is kept in mind taking care of the environment.

We support projects that are good for environment

We try our best to deliver the products in order to ensure your happiness and we would be glad to see you happily enjoying it. We also understand that CO2 emissions will be released during transport. We are closely knit with our partners to estimate the carbon footprint and try to identify ways to reduce and compensate for it.